Breaking New British Music on "Underdogs"

A show dedicated to breaking new British music. With a presenter who knows nothing about new music. Should all be fine.


'Underdogs' is the new home of new British music. Shining a spotlight on the best of new talent from this weird and wonderful island every Wednesday from 7pm.


With Lucy Leeds. Asking musicians the kinds of questions nobody else would.


Flick your knob to Union JACK every Wednesday at 7pm.


New Music Playlist

Breaking the best of new British music. Like these guys.

Underdogs Podcast

7pm past your bedtime? Grab the highlights from the show, plus bonus scraps from Lucy Leeds.

Underdogs: 9 at 9

Hundreds of new British tunes to vote for, only 9 can play. All chosen by you in real time. Spiffing.

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Playing the best of British.

Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade

Women. Playing What We Want.

Senses Working Overtime by Mandy Moore