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Students' Union JACK

Reckon you've got the "Maddest DJ Skills" at your Uni?

We'll be the judge of that!

Send it over to us in the form below, and we might just play it out from our very own Union JACK Dance!

(...if we've got nothing better to do, that is)

Don't forget! We play only British artists here at Union JACK Dance. We wouldn't want you to send an artist we couldn't use - you'd never live it down...

Link us a < 20 minute WAV of your best stuff, and we'll give you a shout if we want to play your DJ mix out on the airwaves!

(You don't need one of these, we don't have one)
(Dropbox, WeTransfer, any link will do)
(Artists and titles used in sequential order)

Full criteria

  • We only play BRITISH DANCE- so no, David Guetta doesn’t count.
  • We don’t play new dance songs- but if there’s an odd one we will turn a blind eye (or ear).
  • Era wise anything up to around 2017 is your ballpark so you get to pick from all the bangers!
  • Ensure songs are lyrically clean- and don’t have phrases or terms which cause offence- no swearing, it's on the radio!
  • WAV files please for your mix- its all about the quality… have we mentioned that it's on the radio!
  • You can send us your mix via WeTransfer, Dropbox or what ever file transfer works best for you.
  • Please include a track listing in sequential order with your mix. Artist and titles please. 
  • Mixes should be to to 20 mins in length, if its just under or just over don’t stress.
  • Please include your ‘on air name’ that you like to use or equivalent- we will use that to give you on air credit, and your contact information - should we need to get hold of you for some reason.

The complicated nitty gritty T&Cs- again just for background and info really. 

  • By submitting your material you give JACK Media Group the right to broadcast your material, and make available on catch-up services and other portals without limitation.  
  • JACK Media Group retains the right to rebroadcast your material for 12 months from submission should we have the urge.
  • Submitting your material to JACK Media Group does not guarantee its use, we have standards to keep here, and JACK Media Group reserves the right to not broadcast your material as it sees fit. 
  • No correspondence will be entered into… we are not going to explain ourselves if we decide not to broadcast it alright!
  • You agree to ensuring that none of your material is subject to copyright restriction by any regulatory authority… you’ve not got a dodgy edit in there have you?
  • You agree to ensure that none of the material submitted contains profanity or words or phrases which may offend. We will check of course, but just clean it up!
  • JACK Media Group will ensure that you are given named credit for supplying the content when and if it is broadcast (so make sure you tell us who you are). JACK Media Group will use the information provided by you at submission for on air references- so make sure you tell us what you want to be called.
  • You agree that submitting this material does not establish any contractual obligation and you submit your material free of charge… you don’t get a name badge.
  • You confirm that you are responsible for the creation of the mix submitted and not submitting on behalf of any third party. It’s all your own work.
  • You confirm that you will not portray publicly or privately that you represent JACK Media Group or any of its companies as a result of your material being used. Just because we played it, don’t make out you work here!
  • You may refer to Union JACK Dance as broadcasting your mix publicly and privately- feel free to brag about being on the radio and having your stuff played… good on you!

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