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The Show Must Go On


Missing all the sports? So are we.

Lucky for you, with help from the marvellous lot at the Audio Content Fund, we've launched a new show to fill that goal-sized hole in your life.


The Show Must Go On is a nifty 10-part series featuring comedians and athletes who should have been lighting up stage and screens this summer.


Lynsey Hooper chats to ace comedians like Justin Moorhouse, Zoe Lyons, Patrick Monahan and Paul Sinha as well as world class athletes who should've been at events like the Olympics, Paralympics, Ascot, Wimbledon and more.


They talk about their favourite tunes, films, TV shows and taking part in the Home Decathlon Challenge. Blimey. See how they get on in this fancy YouTube playlist we've made and have a look at the final leaderboard underneath.




Catch all 10 episodes of The Show Must Go On with Lynsey Hooper from your usual podcast place - or give one of these fancy buttons below a click!






Every week our Athlete guests recommend tunes for working out at home. How bloody lovely of them.

Have a looksy at the playlist!





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Let the quiet and unassuming Brian Blessed soooooothe you to sleep

It's the football show with balls... sort of!

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