Josh Berry's Fake News


A show made up entirely of lies. And that's the truth


In a world of fake news and political correctness, Josh Berry's Fake News is a new comedy show that isn't afraid to put the middle finger up to facts. 

Whether Theresa May buying strong and stable coffee... 

Ed Miliband teaching you pick-up tips... 

Or Nigel Farage finding out he's European... 

This is the only show you can trust to be totally unreliable. 


Josh Berry’s Fake News’ is every Friday from 7pm. Too modern for the radio? The podcast is released at the exact same time.

Subscribe, rate and download ‘Josh Berry’s Fake News’. Or we'll impeach you. 


“A remarkable new talent” – Rob Brydon

Josh who? At only 22, Josh Berry is one of the UK’s hottest impressionists and comedians.

He has racked up millions of views on social media, appearances on Dead Ringers and Tracey Ullman, and praise from celebrities including Andy Murray and Bradley Wiggins.


Josh Berry's Fake News

Impressionist Josh Berry's brand new show is the most reliably unreliable news source.

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