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Asking For A Friend With Mark Dolan



Union JACK Radio's brand new comedy panel show! 

A panel of celebrity 'experts' answers the questions you've never dared ask. 



"Is lip-kissing anyone other than your partner cheating?"

"Do you really need to wash your hands after a wee?"


Get a load of the lineup below:



  • EP. 1: Christopher Biggins, Iain Dale, Shappi Khorsandi

  • EP. 2: Hal Cruttenden, Anne Hegerty, Joe Bor

  • EP. 3: Lauren Booth, Geoff Lloyd, Rosie Jones

  • EP. 4: Konstantin Kisin, Basil Brush, Suzi Ruffell

  • EP. 5: Simon Brodkin, Marcus Brigstocke, Lucie Pohl

  • EP. 6: Steve N Allen, Iain Dale, Maria Shehata


Fancy asking a question to Mark and his celebrity 'friends'? Fill out the boxes below:


So we can credit your juicy question.
E.g. Is lip kissing someone else cheating? Do you really need to wash your hands after a wee?


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