New British Music

  • Stone Cold Classic

    AKA George

    Stone Cold Classic

    Seen here posing for the cover of that magazine your wife likes, AKA George is also a ruddy good singer. Vote him up the playlist to get him on the radio.

  • Until Tomorrow

    Twenty Eighth Club

    Until Tomorrow

    They say they've got a catalogue of "foot-stomping, energetic music". We say not to listen when drinking tea. Might spill it.

  • Human



    Sunglasses-wearing rock Gods 'Erica' are very good at making noise. 'Human' is a particularly good bit of noise. Vote for it and it'll play on the radio.

  • Light Up The Dark

    Side Project

    Light Up The Dark

    Ben from Side Project had heard Lucy Leeds before, but STILL agreed to have an interview. He's a brave bloke. Vote their song up the list to hear it next.

  • Take The Wheel And Drive


    Take The Wheel And Drive

    Tamsin Joanna is quite a long name to say on the radio, so we're delighted she took the stage name Tamsyjo. Vote for Take The Wheel And Drive to get it on the radio.

  • Permanating

    Steven Wilson


    Is permanating a word? We can't find it on Google and it has a red squiggly line when we type it. It's the name of Steven Wilson's new song. Vote to hear it on the radio next.

  • Anybody

    Lewis Poole


    Lewis Poole is from Street. We've always wanted to meet someone from Street. What a place name. His song's not bad either. Your vote controls how much it plays on the radio.

  • Mother Tongue

    The King's Parade

    Mother Tongue

    They used to play on a Hawaiian cruise ship. No idea how to segue between that and them now playing on a national radio station in Britain, but they are.

  • Dirty Money

    CC Smugglers

    Dirty Money

    Remember when everyone in school wanted to learn drums and electric guitar? These guys learned the banjo and double bass. And they rock. Vote them up to hear them next.

  • Bad Boy

    Dan Croll

    Bad Boy

    We see you there, Dan Croll. You with your fashionable jackets and your hair from the 50s and your very good songwriting skills. Hey.

  • I Need Someone

    The Pieces Of Mind

    I Need Someone

    This is Pieces Of Mind from South Wales. It's taken them over 45 years to release their first album. They're very good at procrastinating. It's good though, so we're fine with it.

  • Man Up


    Man Up

    We're not the best at writing glowing reviews, so we're saying that these guys are 'pretty good' and 'not half bad at all'. Everywhere's a wonderful little pop song.

  • New

    Thea Gilmore


    A quick peek at Thea's website shows that she only owns a black and white camera. And that she got a few good songs and a cracking tour on soon.

  • Devil In A Push Up Bra

    Harry & The Howlers

    Devil In A Push Up Bra

    Who knew Birmingham could produce such strong country/rock music? 'Devil In A Push Up Bra' is a really fun song, available to vote onto the radio now.

  • Ultralife

    Oh Wonder


    This is Josephine and Anthony. (He's the one with the beard.) Together, they've created a properly catchy pop song in Ultralife. Vote the London duo to the top of the playlist to hear them on the radio next.

  • Little Honey

    Jode Gannon

    Little Honey

    Busking in London to raise the cash to record his first EP, Jode Gannon's got a top voice. Have a gander at his music and vote him up the playlist to hear him on the radio.