New British Music

  • Baby, Please


    Baby, Please

    We're not sure how to say their name but that doesn't matter because this is a web-page. "Powerful vocals and seductive rhythms", they say. Seduce this track to the top with your vote to hear it play on the radio next.

  • Ella Ella


    Ella Ella

    The very Glaswegian, very well-coiffed and very talented Patersani have new music on Union JACK. Vote to hear it on the radio next.

  • Home



    Sunglasses-wearing rock Gods 'Erica' are very good at making noise. 'Home' is a particularly good bit of noise. Vote for it and it'll play on the radio.

  • Beautiful Mess


    Beautiful Mess

    She's been described as the "love child of the Arctic Monkeys and The Kills". She's not a killer monkey, but she is Harlea and she makes great noise. Vote to hear it on the radio next.

  • Beautifully Unconventional

    Wolf Alice

    Beautifully Unconventional

    Visions of a Life

    Contains no wolves or Alices but does produce rockin' tunes. Want to dance around to it like a crazy person? Vote for it to play next.

  • Fast and Furious


    Fast and Furious

    'Raw and real' - unlike the films. A jumpy pop and indie amalgamation to make you nod your head. Vote for it to hear it next on Union Jack.

  • Feel For You


    Feel For You

    'You’ll be physically unable to resist dancing', some have said. Put it to the test - vote for this track to play next on the radio.

  • Green Eyes

    Towers Of London

    Green Eyes

    They're back! After more than 10 years of silence. Don't confuse them with the capital's landmark because that would just be silly, really. If thumping guitar riffs is your thing, vote this to play next on Union Jack.

  • Hooks

    Black Bear Kiss


    Will this one HOOK you? (see what I did there?) find out - vote it to play next on Union Jack

  • I Can't Stand It


    I Can't Stand It

    Probably the biggest indie pop phenomenons to hit the UK in recent years (must be the long hair, I reckon). Can you stand it? Find out now by voting them to play next on Union Jack.

  • L'amour

    Georgia Fearn


    Ou est la bibliotheque! For fans of Lana Del Ray, this infuriatingly hooky pop-indie tune might be just for you - vote and see.

  • Life In Short


    Life In Short

    Look at the camera, lads... They're bringing piano back to indie rock in a big way - with sounds as big as the ocean (boo, bad pun) Pacific should be on your radar. Want to hear them next? Vote for them, you wally.

  • Money

    Galaxy Thief


    Their influences range from The 1975 to ... The Beatles? Interesting. Lots of energy, lots of attitude, lots of fun. Vote for them to play next on the radio. If you like.

  • No Roots

    Alice Merton

    No Roots

    This German-Canadian-English artist earned mainstream success with her debut single reaching number one in France (no, really.) With a very meaty bass line and silky smooth vocals, this one's bound to get you moving. Vote for it to play next on Union Jack

  • Slow Down


    Slow Down

    Are they all called Victor? Or are they good at winning? Who knows. What we do know is that this synthy-poppy-indie track is a win in our eyes. Go ahead and vote for it to play next on national radio.

  • Wildflower



    A London based alternative pop collective. Two have beards. Two do not. Some delicious synth-pop and harmonies which will burrow deep inside your head, never to escape. NEVER. Play them next on the radio - vote, vote, vote!

Playing the best of British.

Rockin' All Over The World by Status Quo

Women. Playing What We Want.

Shape Of You by Chlara