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God Put A Smile On Your Face


New Music

Union JACK is the home of breaking new British music. Slightly nicer than a first floor flat.


We're pretty keen on taking a massive great limelight and shining it on artists who deserve a chance to shout about themselves. Or sing and play instruments.


We'll chuck our favourite new artists onto the voting list for you to vote onto (or off of) the radio, and chuck the newbies of Blighty an hour of airtime every Wednesday from 9am on Underdogs. Marvellous!


Got an artist based here you reckon deserve their 15 minutes? Be a love and chuck this page their way. It could get them on a national radio station.


New Music Playlist

What's new and live to vote for now? That is the question. And this is the answer.


Nothing but the best of new British music on the radio for an hour. That should scare them.

Who The Hell Is Lucy Leeds?

We wanted a host who was skilled, articulate and really knowledgeable about the new music scene. Unfortunately, we got her.

Submit Your Music

Want your music on a national radio station. You'll have to fill in a form and spell your own name. Best of luck!

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