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The Full English Live from Leicester


The Full English breakfast show hit the road and came live from the Leicester Comedy Festival, mucking about with some of comedy's best ... comedians!


From getting Patrick Monahan, Scott Bennett and Jon Pearson to put the kettle on, to stalking the streets of Leicester to talk to the man on the street.


See everything that Adam English and Producer Buckers got up to this February.


Put the kettle on, Patrick Monahan...


Put the kettle on, Scott Bennett...


Put the kettle on, Jon Pearson...


What we're up to

See our full schedule of things at the Leicester Comedy Festival

Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year

One of comedy's biggest awards with Geoff Lloyd and Tom Rosenthal commentating!

Lucy Leeds Loose in Leicester Live

See what nonsense Lucy Leeds has been up to at the Leicester Comedy Festival

UK Pun Championships

Presented by stand up comedian Jason Byrne, former champ & pun-dit Rob Thomas, and... Lucy Leeds.

The Full English: Live from Leicester!

Chatting to comedians and the people of Leicester. What larks.

Lucy Leeds chatting to comedians...

...from the other side of Belvoir Street in Leicester!

Circuit Breakers

Live comedy from the best up-and-coming stand ups