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Return Of The Mack

Mark Morrison


Right, listen up!

Here are the questions we've been asked a lot and written down so that you don't have to ask them. Anything we can do to avoid the awkward moment of two Brits engaging in conversation.


I can't find Union JACK on my radio. What's going on?

Have you retuned your DAB radio? We're new in town, so you may need to hit the refresh button so your radio can find us.


Yep, I've retuned.

Check to make sure it's a DAB+ radio. We're only available on DAB+ - anything more is just being a show off. If your radio is more than 4 years old, chances are it might not support DAB+. Search your radio model online to be sure (or check the manual if you're feeling retro).


I've retuned and it's a DAB+ radio. What else have you got?

If you live in a rural area, under a rock or in a hermit's cave, you may not be able to get us. We tried our hardest, but not all of the UK can pick us up on DAB+. To check your area, click here and enter your postcode - a list of all the stations you can get on DAB will show up.


Turns out my questions isn't frequently asked. How do I get in touch with Union JACK directly?

You click here and fill in the form, or give us a call. Lovely!

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