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Union JACK’s on the hunt for comedy writers! We’ll pay you at least three shillings for your funny-ness.


Topical one-liners

These are the backbone of the Union JACK personality – topical lines that lampoon the state of the world! Whether Brexit or Love Island – whatever's happening in the news, we want to hear about it!

A few examples from recent events and news stories are below:


"Union JACK. Debating the meaning of the word Staycation and playing the best of British."

"Union JACK. We remember when people taking injections in car parks was a bad thing."

"Union JACK. As open to criticism as the Chinese government."




Guide to Being British

These are slightly longer 30-60 second sketches. Using a voiceover in the style of the Pathe news voiceover, they poke fun at British culture  – such as queuing, motorway etiquette, getting a haircut etc.

A recent example, from the London Marathon, is here:




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