Nonsense In Leicester


If you've been under a massive rock recently, we're an official sponsor of the Leicester Comedy Festival.


We're exclusively broadcasting two of their biggest events: Circuit Breakers and the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year.


But we'll also be in Leicester, bugging comedians and generally soaking up all of the nonsense.


This is where we'll chuck all of our videos. We wanted to do a guide to Leicester, but only Lucy Leeds was available to present it. Sorry.



Lucy also met up with the Festival's founder Geoff Rowe to get to ask very important questions.


Questions like: 'Where is the festival?' 'What does it do?' and 'what format does it take?' Smashing.




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Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year

We're exclusively broadcasting the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year.

Why did the comedian cross the road?

To get away from Lucy Leeds

Keep Up With Our Nonsense

We're annoying comedians and messing about in Leicester.




Playing the best of British.

Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty

Women. Playing What We Want.

All Fired Up by Pat Benatar