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Leicester Comedy Festival


 We love a bit of comedy here. Which is why we're an official Leicester Comedy Festival sponsor - the UK's largest comedy festival.




We thought it would be easier if we got Lucy Leeds to ask Leicester Comedy Festival founder Geoff Rowe about it.




The Festival kicked off on 6th Feb and Lucy Leeds gave her party blower a toot for the official unveiling of the Festival with Geoff. Smashing.




Still don't know what the ruddy hell we're on about?


Pop your peepers on this video.



From 6 - 24 February, hundreds of comedians will descend upon Leicester and perform a record number of shows across more than 70 venues. We'll be there to soak up all the nonsense.


Acts include comedy greats like Arthur Smith, Johnny Vegas, Zoe Lyons, Jason Manford, Jo Brand, Tom Allen, Dave Gorman, Russell Howard and Nish Kumar.




We're also exclusively broadcasting Circuit Breakers and the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year  live from the festival. 

If you missed out on a ticket, we've got you covered.


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Grab your tickets here.


Circuit Breakers

The best new and emerging comedians, straight from Leicester.

Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year

We broadcast the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year. These two fine gents hosted. Spiffing.

Why did the comedian cross the road?

To get away from Lucy Leeds

Nonsense in Leicester

Messing about in Leicester with a bunch of comedians. Smashing.

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