The Beast of All Pub Quizzes


Welcome to… The Beast of all Pub Quizzes!


We wrangled in Mark "The Beast" Labbett to host a twice-weekly radio pub quiz that you can play along with in your pants.


You're welcome.



How to play:


Step 1: Download the Union JACK Radio app


Step 2: Wait until Tuesday or Thursday at 1pm and switch Union JACK Radio on


Step 3: Chuck your pen and paper in the bin! Select 'Pub Quiz' in the app and answer each question using just your voice




Download the Union JACK Radio App:





Q: Will there be a prize for winning?

A: No.

Having The Beast ridicule you live on national radio for a wrong answer should be reason enough...



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Think you can beat the Beast? Grab the Union JACK Radio app to play along!

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